About Us

Megastar Multi cinema products & anti piracy services Pvt. Ltd. is an Anti-Piracy Management company works for various producers, Distributors and video companies in India to make sure that infringers around the country will not get away with participating in electronic piracy. We have experienced and knowledgeable investigators and attorneys all over the country. We have a very dedicated team and up-to-date technology for protecting our clients from copyright infringements and getting compensation for our clients when infringements do occur. Megastar Antipiracy is devoted to seek remuneration from those who intentionally infringe on the rights holders distribution process. Typically, our clients have no problem sharing their products, but we believe they should be paid for their efforts.

We are authorized for protection of audio/ video cassettes, VCD/ LD/ CD/ DVD/ MP3 copyrights for various films by producers, Distributors and video companies. We are authorized to conduct the raid on illegal screening, telecasting of our various Hindi and Marathi Feature to undertake survey to detect infringement, violation of copyright by video libraries, shops, video theaters, video coaches, duplicating units, hotels or cable TV network or any where through illegal hiring, renting, trading, dealing duplicating, selling, copying, transferring, possessing, processing, unauthorized Audio / Video cassettes, MP3, VCD, LD, CD, DVD, posters, cyber cafe, cyber shops, commercial offices, DTP centers, photo studio, Hotel and restaurants Pubs, mobile shops downloading, Office Godowns etc. of the attached true copy of the power of Attorney for which we are the sole and exclusive Audio/Video copyright holder. Electronic piracy is not tolerated – ANYWHERE.As per Indian Copyright Act, 1957, U/s 51, 52A, read with later amendment U/s 63/65 and 68A of 1994, guilty person may be jailed for 6 months to 3 years and or will be fined Rs.50,000 to 3,00,000/-.

We have been effective in helping various producers, distributors and video company copyright owners around the country in protecting their digital intellectual property. We are intimately involved in every facet of copyright protection. Since 2002 company has filed 30 cases and has sealed Rs. 25, 000, 00/- unauthorized pirated copies in Maharashtra & Karnataka states of India.